Your Winter Time Cooking Guide

February 15, 2021

Plant-based eating in the winter may seem difficult. Follow our guide for keeping your dishes creative and interesting this winter.

The few farmer’s markets and CSAs (Community Supported Agriculture) during the winter months don’t attract many proprietors. The options are slim. You’ll find root vegetables, leafy greens, maybe some apples, and not much else. It can seem dull and uninviting. Sending you straight to the nearest supermarket to buy blueberries in February from who-knows-where and with little knowledge of how this plant got to you, let alone how it was grown, or pretty much anything about it. 

Food is essential, we need it to live. Yet we do more research on the best selfie light or phone case to buy than we do on the food we eat. When I hear stories of recalls on products at supermarkets for reasons such as metal in baby food or e.coli in romaine lettuce, I wonder how we got so far removed. Where our food comes from and how it got to us, from seed to plate, it matters and we should let nature guide our diets. 

Here are some winter veggies that may be on your shopping list and how to keep your dishes fresh:

What we buy as consumers, what we demand, can dictate supply. It can have the power to decide what our farmers grow. We also want to let nature tell us what our earth can grow now. We should listen. There are so many ways to get creative with the food that nature is telling us to eat, and it doesn’t need to be complicated.