The Latest from Dining With Nature

December 13, 2022

Check out the latest updates from Dining with Nature and what to look forward to in the months ahead!

Women going through a fertility and conception journey are often bombarded with a lot of nutrition information, left wondering what they should be doing for their own health and their baby’s. Rightfully so! I often get asked “I read this but what am I supposed to do?” or “But is this supplement ok?” – the confusion and concern are not surprising.

Women should have access to accurate and quality nutrition care so they can optimize their health, improve outcomes, and not feel overwhelmed by all the dos and don’ts that come along with a fertility and parenthood journey. That’s what working with a Dietitian during this stage of life can offer.

Dining with Nature takes a natural approach to nutrition for Moms and Babies. Focusing on preconception, pregnancy, postpartum, and infancy – aiming to work with women throughout their journey from before parenthood through navigating the first few years. Counseling for a wide range of health conditions, including weight management, diabetes, high blood pressure, and GI issues. Working to improve health by setting realistic goals that connect people to food and body for a more earth-friendly, and sustainable lifestyle.

Dining with Nature offers one-on-one virtual counseling to women at all stages of conception, pre to post, and for new Moms with their infants ages 0 to 5. In addition we now also offer meal plans through EatLove to support women during their health journey at this time and give them the food options that will best serve them. Meal plans are customized and curated by me, for you, and are adjustable to your preferences and needs. 

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