Best Ways to Manage Postpartum Nutrition

May 9, 2023

There are a lot of specifics out there when it comes to nutrition after pregnancy, how many calories to eat, what supplements to take, but how should we manage our health on the whole?

It’s pretty wild how our nutrition needs that were shifting through the trimesters of pregnancy, now shift again postpartum. In just a matter of weeks and days! And not only are we concerned with our own evolving nutrition needs, but also our growing infant. It’s not easy to keep up – and new Moms don’t need the added stress through each transition.

This post is going to focus on general nutrition and health parameters postpartum and we will cover nutrition needs during breastfeeding in another post.

So what are some health goals for new Moms postpartum?

  • Meet your new nutrient needs. During pregnancy you most likely were eating slightly more to account for the fetus, as a Mom postpartum you will need to adjust those needs, either back down, or to meet the needs of breastfeeding. No one expects you to do this alone, in fact, many health apps with calorie and nutrient trackers make this very easy to do on your own with support of the app. It’s highly recommended to invest in an app like that and/or seek out the support of a Dietitian – it’s not easy to make these adjustments and so suddenly. It doesn’t always happen organically
  • Weight management. That leads us right into managing weight postpartum. Some women are going to return to their pre-pregnancy weight and some may not, or some may just take a while. Every body is different. Learning what your healthy body weight is, is the first step. What’s important is managing a healthy lifestyle including meeting your nutrient needs for this new phase of your life.
  • Lifestyle & routine. You are building a new lifestyle. Many things are going to change. And especially postpartum you are going to experience low energy and lots of stress – making it difficult to concentrate on the big picture. Utilize a family and friend support system, sleep when your baby sleeps (that’s a classic), stay hydrated, and learn to utilize your energy efficiently because it will be spare. Create a checklist, or schedule, that has room for flexibility but helps you focus on what needs to be done.
  • Physical Activity. Make room in your life for movement. As soon as you get into a routine with no movement, then it’s harder to pick it back up. Carve out time in your day to walk or just stretch. If you’re lucky enough to  find more time and energy, build in a structured workout routine at the gym or even at home. Be sure you are finding postpartum safe exercises and that you are thinking about physical therapy needs, such as pelvic floor exercises.

It’s easy to give everything to your baby when they are first born. To the point where the idea of self care seems almost like a foreign concept. Creating a support system that allows you to find pockets of time for yourself is going to serve you and your baby the most, for years to come.

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