Women going through a fertility and conception journey are often bombarded with a lot of nutrition information, left wondering what they should be doing for their own health and their baby’s. You may ask yourself “what methods work and more importantly, what works best for me?” “Am I meeting my nutrition needs?”
Dining With Nature works with women throughout their journey into motherhood to bring quality maternal healthcare that nurtures a positive relationship with food and body from gestation to first steps.

Counseling and Education

Dining with Nature is a virtual nutrition practice that takes a natural approach to nutrition for Moms and Babies. Focusing on preconception, pregnancy, postpartum, and infancy stages of life – aiming to work with women throughout their journey from before parenthood through navigating the first few years.
Providing one-on-one counseling for a wide range of health conditions, including weight management, diabetes, high blood pressure, and GI issues. Working to improve health by setting realistic goals that connect people to food and body for a more earth-friendly, and sustainable lifestyle.
Dining with Nature is now also accepting insurance. We are in-network with Aetna, Empire BlueCross BlueShield, and Centivo New Jersey.

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One-on-One Virtual Counseling

Our sessions will guide you in nutritious eating with earth-friendly ingredients, for more sustainable living. We will help you in choosing the foods and activities you need to build and maintain a healthy lifestyle that best suits you!”

Educational Consulting

Motivate and facilitate healthy behavior through access to a theory-based nutrition education curriculum, or a virtual, Dietitian-led nutrition education program. Curriculum will be developed based on audience-specific health behavior goals and utilize both lecture-style and group discussions, as well as hands-on activities, to teach participants on why and how to lead a healthy, sustainable lifestyle

Other Services

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Media requests

Dining with Nature is available for engagements, guest appearances, interviews, or sound bites/quotes. If you are seeking easy-to-digest and evidence-based expertise on topics such as nutrition and diet trends, health & wellness, sustainability in the food industry, & more, contact Dining with Nature for your podcast, social media, or print/online publication!

Program consulting

Dining with Nature can offer the support of a Registered Dietitian in creating the best nutrition and health communications. Including, but not limited to, recipe development, media messaging, and client/consumer education.


Dining with Nature wants to contribute to your publication. I write about evidence-based, professional writing on issues such as nutrition and dietetics, fad diets, food sustainability, plant-based eating, healthy living, and more. Click here to see samples of my work.